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I’m sad about Davante Adams

It was a dreary and dismal night in Green Bay. The Packers were playing the Bears in late November of 2015. At that time, I was 22 years old and had been to about 40 Packers games in my life (I loved hauling Diet Coke around the north end zone while in college). I had never left a game early, until that night. Bart Starr and Brett Favre were in town, but the thing that sticks in my head the most was a wide open second year Davante Adams dropping a perfect ball on a slant from Aaron Rodgers, then my dad yelling “Sophomore slump, I don’t think so. This guy sucks.”

Well, turns out he was wrong. Davante has been, by all accounts, an excellent player and mentor to his colleagues in the locker room (dad has since recanted his sentiment from that night). The void he’s leaving is substantial enough that it probably won’t be filled. I keep reading stories about trades for D.K. Metcalf or draft options like Chris Olave. Nothing against D.K. or Olave, but they wouldn’t be able to produce what Davante could if they were both on the team. The presence of Davante Adams improved the morale and play of the other people in the locker room.

I hope the Davante/Derek Carr reunion produces what Davante wants it to produce. Watching the Raiders take down the AFC and meet up with the Packers in a Super Bowl would be an incredible storyline.

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